Why would you want us to be your next landlord? Well that's a great question, and something we find many renters never consider. While Property managers continually seek quality tenants, tenants rarely ask "Why should I rent from this guy"?

Well, KMB Management is different from some of the other management companies you may find. We are not a division of a larger real estate company, and we are fairly selective on the clients we take on. Profit is not based on hidden fees on tenants or owners, nor do we press for a potential listing or sale of a property in the future. In fact, if a client will not continually invest and keep a property in an acceptable condition, we will fire them! 

We realize that property management goes far beyond rent collection, maintenance and repair. For the tenant, we are your only source of immediate help when something goes wrong in the place you call home. We request, and many times demand a lot. So we always strive to be fair, honest and a good landlord.